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Yorkie Smith
P.C. 'Yorkie' Smith

P.C. 'Yorkie' Smith

Full Name: Tony Smith
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Occupation: (Met) Police Officer
(S.Yorkshire) Police Officer
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Police Constable
Call Sign: 148
Epaulette No.: SO 148
Affiliation: South Yorkshire Police
Curr. Rank: Detective Constable
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Robert Hudson
 ● First Appearance: Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers
 ● Last Appearance: Leaving
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Yorkie Smith was a character in The Bill from 1984 until 1989.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Tony 'Yorkie' Smith was Yorkshire-born, Yorkshire-bred; a big, strapping lad who wasn't afraid of physical confrontation. He had his fair share of scrapes and bruises in the line of duty, but was used to the rough and tumble - it came with rugby playing he did every weekend. Yorkie also had a sensitive side - he always took things to heart and was often upset by the occasional moral grey areas in which he found himself working.

Barely recovered from being slashed whilst infiltrating a gang of soccer hooligans, Yorkie stumbled across a seemingly routine road traffic accident - but with fatalities, two feuding drivers and no back-up, he rapidly lost control of the situation. Admitting that he had struggled to cope, this once dependable officer decided to leave the Force and go into the security business. However he became restless and rejoined the police, and by 1991 had risen to become a DC in his homeland of South Yorkshire.[1]

In 2019, actor Robert Hudson recorded an Audio Commentary for the Series 5 episode Fat'ac available exclusively via The Bill Podcast

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Yorkie Smith appeared the the first episode, "Funny Ol' Business - Cops & Robbers". His last episode was "Leaving", although he returned for two guest appearances, in "Rites" (for PC Melvin's funeral) and "Breakout" (escorting a prisoner back to South Yorkshire).

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