Witness: Protection
Episode No.   Series
2227 2008x009
Original Airdate
30 January 2008 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Meadows launches the raid on Dwayne Fox's address as Sam leads the raid on Tito Morientes' address. Smithy is glad as he makes the arrest of Morientes, but at Dwayne is nowhere to be seen. CID hunt for him, and the investigation is stepped up when Dwayne's boss collects Brooke from the daycare center, leaving Leanne frantically searching for her. Tito is interviewed by Sam and Grace but Grace leaves to interview Dwayne as Smithy Nate and Jo make the vital arrest. The evidence against Dwayne has the CPS agree to the charges and the way Tito reacts to questions gets him charged, but as Alisha returns home, she is dramatically hit by a speeding car.

Part 5 of an eight part series.

  • Alex Walkinshaw as Sgt Dale Smith
  • Ben Roberts as PC Nate Roberts
  • Simon Rouse as DCI Jack Meadows
  • Lisa Maxwell as DI Samantha Nixon
  • Amita Dhiri as DC Grace Dasari
  • Sally Rogers as DC Jo Masters
  • Kaye Wragg as PC Diane Noble
  • Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp
  • Melanie Gutteridge as PC Emma Keane
  • John Bowler as PC Roger Valentine
  • Christopher Fox as DS Max Carter
  • Daniel Flynn as Supt John Heaton
  • Louisa Lytton as PC Beth Green
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