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|Image =[[Image:.png|250px|]]
|Caption =
|Name =
|Full Name =Daniel Coelho
|Alias =
|Nickname(s) =Dan
|Identification Code =IC1
|Gender =Male
|Age =
|Date of Birth =
|Date of Death =
|Cause of Death =
|Height =
|Hair Colour =
|Eye Colour =
|Marital Status =
|bgcolour =#DEE4FE
|Occupation(s) =Police Officer
|Job Title =Cheif Superintendent
|Affiliation =
|Rank =Cheif Superintendent
|Call Sign =Sierra Oscar 1
|Specialty =Radio Operations and Area Bike Driving
|Current Status =
|Actor/Actress =
|First Appearance =
|Left =
|Returned =
|Last Appearance =
|Guest Appearances =
|List of Appearances =[[{{PAGENAME}}/List of Appearances|List of Appearances]]
==Service Record==
2005-Sgt exams Passed and Promoted to Sgt
Passed Area Car Driver Test and CAD/IBO Operator Test.Now qualified to be a Firearms Officer
2006-Promotion to Cheif Inspector of Operations
2008-Promotion to Cheif Superintendent/Borough Commander
==Family and Relationships==
==Major Storylines==

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