Part 1 - Thursday 18th December 2008 - Episode 2313
DS Turner wanted DC Moss to go undercover to become the girlfriend of drug dealer Robert Towler. He was unaware, though, that she was still attracted to Rob from a previous investigation in Manchester.

Part 2 - Monday 22th December 2008 - Episode 2314
The evidence against Stevie began to grow. DI Manson and DCI Meadows found themselves with some difficult questions to ask. Stuart even began to wonder if Stevie had given up on career to follow her heart. Stevie turned up at DS Turner's flat, after he'd been put on suspension after the DCI and the DI found out that DS Rutherford was on the Thameside crew's side.

Part 3 - Tuesday 23rd December 2008 - Episode 2315
In a flashback, Stevie told Stuart that she found out that the drug deal was a set up, which was why she went on the run with Rob. She and Rob then figured out that DS Rutherford was on the Thameside crew's side, and let DC Masters know. She then alerted the DCI and the DI. This was followed by Stuart telling DS Rutherford the wrong location of McArdle's whereabouts. DS Rutherford turned up at a warehouse that he SO19 waiting, and DS Turner made Rutherford's arrest.

Bill Ward guest starred as Robert Towler

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