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Anthony Stamp
P.C. Tony Stamp

P.C. Tony Stamp

Birth Name: Anthony
Full Name: Anthony John Stamp
Nickname(s): Tony
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Height: 6'2"
Date of Birth: (possibly) 1952
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Advanced Driving Instructor
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Police Constable
Title: PC Tony Stamp
Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 595 (as of 2009)
Epaulette No.: SO 595
Status: Transferred: Hendon (Advanced Driving Instructor)
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Hendon
Curr. Rank: Unknown
Curr. Title: Advanced Driving Instructor Stamp
Curr. Call Sign: Unknown
Epaulette No.Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Graham Cole
 ● First Appearance: (uncredited) The Drugs Raid
Some You Win, Some You Lose
 ● Last Appearance: Rescue Me
List of Appearances

PC Tony Stamp was a long term character in The Bill between 1987 and 2009.

Tony made his first appearance in 1984 as an un-credited extra, however he made his first regular character appearance in 1987.

Tony has always been a fundamentally decent person. When his father's care became too much of a financial burden for him to bear with a policeman's salary alone, Tony took on a second job as a taxicab driver to fund his father's care.

In 1998, Tony accidentally killed a pedestrian while on his way to an emergency call in the area car, and went on trial for vehicular manslaughter. He is found guilty in court of driving without due care and attention, and is fined £400 and awarded five penalty points on his licence. This in turn leads him to face a police disciplinary hearing, but he is permitted to keep both his job and his position as an area car driver.

In 2002 Tony is the subject of an accusation of sexual harassment from a young lad called Lee Dwyer. The allegations are false, but the longevity of the investigation, and the public's reaction to the possibility leaves him reeling. It also damages his hitherto unbroken friendship with Jim Carver, which continued in 2003 when Jim let down their long term mutual friend June Ackland, by proposing to a victim of crime whilst June was on holiday, who was expecting to come back and marry Jim. After being trapped in a cellar on Jim's wedding day, emotions went flying; Tony opened up to friend Polly Page, who eventually rejected him, June and Jim had a screaming match which resulted in June telling Jim that she had sex with Tony, and Tony told Jim he refused to be his best man in his wedding.

In 2004, whilst on patrol with June, the pair were involved in a chase of a vehicle, June went to chase the decamped suspects on foot, and when she came out from behind an alleyway, June ended up being hit by the Area Car Tony was controlling. June ended up in cardiac arrest, and lost her spleen, and Tony convinced Jim to open up to his feelings to June, despite their rocky relationships during and after his marriage, and eventually Jim proposed and June accepted, and Tony and Jim became friends once more.

When PC Yvonne Hemmingway was suspended for police brutality, facing a manslaughter trial for killing a thug with her ASP, Tony hesitated before using his own ASP when confronted by a gang of youths, and in that split second they launch a vicious assault on him that leaves him fighting for his life. Yvonne is later acquitted when Tony convinces a homeless witness to come forward, who claimed he was ashamed for not stepping in to help.

In 2006, Tony's position was threatened by his new Superintendent, John Heaton. He assigned Tony and Reg Hollis to investigate a case concerning a missing dog. Tony and Reg, however, prove their worth when the dog-napping uncovers a murder case that had previously been undetected and arrest the knife-wielding suspect.

Tony left Sun Hill in November 2009. Tony told his Inspector, Dale Smith, that he had accepted another job at Hendon as an Advanced Driving Police Instructor and left Sun Hill, after convincing a young mother to give evidence against her abusive partner, who had been attacking their infant daughter.

On Christmas Day 2017, a surprise special edition of The Bill Podcast was released featuring Part 1 of a 3-part interview with actor Graham Cole celebrating his time as Tony Stamp and his career in general.

Service Record[]

Main article: Service Record
  • 1975 - Joined the Metropolitan Police
  • 1987 - Qualified as Area Car Driver
  • 1993 - Firearms Incident: P.C. Stamp shot at by armed robbers
  • 1998 - Driving Without Due Care: Death of Simon Atwell
  • 2000 - Temporary Attachment: The Flying Squad
  • 2002 - Accusation: Sexual Abuse
  • 2004 - Traffic Investigation: Vehicular Collision with June Ackland
  • 2009 - Transferred: Hendon


  • Father: Norman Stamp (deceased)
  • Sister: Jacquie Stamp


  • Tony was close with Polly Page, but she only wanted to be friends.
  • June Ackland was a close friend and they had a one night stand in 2003.

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