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Tom Proctor
D.C. Tom Proctor

D.C. Tom Proctor

IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Occupation: Police Officer
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Detective Constable
Call Sign: 847 (when in uniform)
Epaulette No.: 847
Status: Transferred
Curr. Posting: Isleworth CSU
Curr. Rank: Detective Constable
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Gregory Donaldson
 ● First Appearance: Foxed
 ● Last Appearance: Whispers
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Service Record[]

Tom Proctor arrived at Sun Hill, fresh from his DC's exams. It was his first posting as a fully-fledged DC, after he had served as a trainee-investigator at Harringay. In his mid to late twenties, Proctor was keen, sharp and ambitious - and far from naive. But he was a likeable lad and, above all, an enthusiastic officer. He wanted to get the right result, but also wanted to carve out a good career for himself - and he knew from experience the advantages of cultivating links with Uniform, who could supply much of the information he needed. Daly was delighted to have a keen new DC on board who was bang up to date with the law - and this put Skase's nose right out of joint. Proctor made friends with the people he was trying to nick so that they opened to him, and showed a great deal more tact and insight in his dealings with the public than Skase ever did, which provoked a natural rivalry between the two men.

Proctor was not usually abrasive and would bide his time before passing judgement, but he occasionally clashed with officers like Carver and Lines whom he considered "dinosaurs" - and wasn't afraid to tell them so. He was quickly accepted in the department though and Deakin recognised the value of Proctor's canniness and took him under his wing.

However, it was not all plain-sailing for him. After bungling several cases Deakin and Meadows threatened to transfer Proctor back to uniform. His last ditched attempt to redeem himself failed due to Dave Quinnan's deliberate interference and he was subsequently transferred to Isleworth CSU. He was the 2nd D.C. to leave in 2000 and left 3 months before the Don Beech Scandal.

In 2018, actor Gregory Donaldson was interviewed for a two-part special edition of The Bill Podcast.

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Major Storylines[]

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Sun Hill DC
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DC Paul Riley