PC Timothy Able was a character in The Bill.

PC Timothy Able

Probationer Timothy Able never really settled into life at Sun Hill. Born in Bromley, he was the youngest of three brothers, and had ambitions to 'work on the cars'. His mother worked in a sportswear shop, his father was a train driver. Whilst Able excelled at the physical side of the job, he failed to live up to his name when it came to taking statements and conducting interviews, a state of affairs that brought him into conflict with Inspector Christine Frazer who ordered him to undergo additional training in both. He only ever showed promise on one occasion when he got himself involved in a wages snatch whilst patrolling on a bicycle. Able moved on quietly, no doubt at the recommendation of Sgt. Cryer who felt he had little sense of purpose and wasn't really cut out for a job in the force.

Preceded by:
Sun Hill PC
Succeeded by:
PC Steve Loxton

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