• It looks like the user below has set up a new page, I have given this user six months but can you make it permanent. We don't need this kind of crap on the wiki. Thanks

    Reason for six months: It's the same person, the same spam about a made up character called Lucy Nixon, a made up sister of DI Samantha Nixon's daughter Abigail, it had been appearing Sam & Abigail Nixon's and Phil Hunter's pages, as well as Rachel Weston's for some reasons, and I'm not going to lock every page on the wiki so that we can accomodte spammers, it's not fair on the truthful unregistered users.

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    • I did not have the option to make it permanent. I can change it to a year if you want?

      note: This contributor may not be using a static ip address so i wouldn't I recommend a permanent ban.

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    • i can sort this out, they might get the message then

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    • A FANDOM user
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