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Sun Hill first opened its doors to the world of television in 1983, when young P.C. Jim Carver joined the station on his first day.

Over the years, The Bill has changed its face to adapt to show the Modern Metropolitan Police and to stay fresh with the ever-changing TV land times. Starting off as a 12-episode 1-hr reccurring series in 1984, The Bill then changed to a twice-weekly half an hour format in 1988 before expanding to an hour again in 1998. The show wandered down the road of a serial drama in 2002 before rebranding again between 2007-2009 and stand-alone episodes.

In 2009, The Bill received a major revamp to make it sexier, down to earth and more entertaining , when it went to a new slot at 9pm, scrapping the show's main theme, being shot in high definition and adding background music to the show. Unfortunately, The Bill was axed by ITV on March 26th 2010 and will screen it's last episode in late summer 2010.


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The Bill is a long-running British television police procedural shown on ITV1, at 9pm, recently moved to Tuesdays.

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Past episodes can also be seen on Watch. In Australia, the show is shown on ABC, and in Ireland by RTÉ One.

The setting is the Sun Hill district of the fictional London borough of Canley. Other police stations in the borough, mentioned but (usually) never seen, are Barton Street, which is the location of Borough Headquarters, Stafford Row and Spicer Street. Canley is approximately contiguous with the real London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and is also the name of a real district within the city of Coventry, some 100 miles north of London.

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Trudie Goodwin is joining Emmerdale!

Trudie, who played June Ackland will appear as Georgia Sharma from around late October - digitalspy article.
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