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Standard U.K. English

  • Use standard U.K. English, to include U.K. spelling, because The Bill is produced in the United Kingdom. The Bill Wiki is not a blog.

Titles for Articles


Sword of Truth
The Taming of The Shrew
Of Mice and Men
And Then There Were None
The Same Old Story

Talk/Disussion page

You may find info on the disussion page for the article in question.


Please look at the following example to see what an episode page should look like.

example: Woodentop

Episode Numbers

Please use the episode numbers used on the episode lists on this wiki not a external source (e.g.

Please also take a look and Talk:The Bill/Episode List

Referring to Other Episodes

  • Use the Ep template (format {{ep|TB|1995|047}} echoes When Opportunity Knocks to the screen) to refer to episodes from within another article or other page as a part of continuous text.

Character/Actor Names


Names of characters within The Bill should have their article be in the following format:

Real People (Cast / Crew)

Names of people in real life should have their article be in the following format:
  • Surname, Firstname for example "Lytton, Louisa".
  • Surname, Firstname Middlename for example "Stamp, Anthony John".


See the following example to link an article to a character, actor/actress or a member of the crew


Template:C Examples

  • Code: {{c|Firstname Middle|Surname}}

Characters' List of Appearances

first see example: Debbie Keane/List of Appearances (also see: Beth Green/List of Appearances )

The Table: Column = Content

  • Episode = Year of episode and episode number - example: 1998x001 is the first episode of 1998
  • Episode Title = Episode Title
  • C.P. = Credited Position - example: If Andrea Mason (Debbie Keane) is credited 3rd on the episode credits you would put '3' under C.P.
  • Note(s) - Is for any notes you would like to make about the character in the episode.

Service Record

look at this example: Dale Smith (Service Record)


Charcters, Cast & Crew

  • Cast and Crew are listed alphabetically by surname.
  • Characters are listed alphabetically by firstname.

Category: Cast & Crew

The Category Cast & Crew is for subdirectories only. No articles / pages should be added to this category.

Hidden Categories

see: Hidden Categories