Monthly Podcast featuring in-depth interviews with the stars of The Bill, celebrating their lives and careers. Presented by Oliver Crocker, the Podcast is released via Soundcloud and iTunes and the latest news is shared via The Bill Podcast Facebook page.

Each episode is 45-minutes long and free to download, with each interviewee nominating a charity which the listeners are encouraged to donate to.


  1. Jon Iles (D.C. Mike Dashwood)
  2. Ben Peyton (P.C. Ben Hayward)
  3. Chris Humphreys (P.C. Richard Turnham)
  4. Andrew Mackintosh (D.S. Alastair Greig)
  5. Larry Dann (Sgt. Alec Peters)
  6. Suzanne Maddock (P.C. Cass Rickman)
  7. Trudie Goodwin: Part 1 (W.P.C. June Ackland)
  8. Trudie Goodwin: Part 2 (Sgt. June Ackland)
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