Episode chronology:


|Image                     =
|EpisodeTitle              =
|EpisodeAlternativeTitle   =
|EpisodeNo                 =
|EpisodeYearxNo            =
|Writer                    =
|Producer                  =
|Director                  =
|Airdate                   =
|AirdateAU                 =
|Series                    =
|onscreen-credits          =
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Usage explained

|Image                     =
|EpisodeTitle              = {{PAGENAME}} or Enter the "Episode Title"
|EpisodeAlternativeTitle   = Alternative Title (eg. Episode 541 or aka. Target)
|EpisodeNo                 = Episode No.       (Episode number starting from 1983/1984)
|EpisodeYearxNo            = Year of episode x Episode number in that year (eg 1998x001 = first episode in 1998)
|Writer                    = Name of the Writter or Writters of the episode.
|Producer                  = Name of the Producer of the episode.
|Director                  = Name of the Director of the episode.
|Airdate                   = UK Airdate (first aired in the UK - ITV1)
|AirdateAU                 = Australian Airdate (first aired in the Australia)
|Series                    = Series No. (Year of episodes) ~ eg 24 ([[2008 Episodes]])
|onscreen-credits          = {{PAGENAME}} or Enter the "Episode Title"
|Prev                      = Previous Episode Title
|Next                      = Next Episode Title

NOTE: {{PAGENAME}} gets the name from top on the page 
       (eg. if the page is called "Episode 429" then {{PAGENAME}} would be "Episode 429").

Only compulsory field is "Episode" for the episode name. All others can be left blank. See Episode 476 & Rough Justice for examples of the template in use.
The Australian airdate (AirdateAU) will only be displayed if the UK airdate (Airdate) is filled in.

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