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Special Feature Length Version
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29th July 1996 Flag of United Kingdom
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W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton are on foot patrol when they are approached by a Mrs Henry with a minor complaint. A shot rings out, hitting Mrs Henry and SO19 are quickly on the scene to evacuate the officers and the wounded woman. CID, including W.D.S. Morgan who has been seconded to Sun Hill as a liaison to the Regional Crime Squad, can find no reason why the woman would be the target of a sniper. Loxton, who is testifying in a court case later in the day is assumed to be the target and is given SO1 protection, although subsequent raids of the suspect's property put him in the clear. That night however, as Loxton slumbers in a safe house, someone firebombs Ackland's flat.

As it becomes clear that someone wants W.P.C. Ackland dead, she is horrified to find C.I.D. digging through her painful past to discover the killer's identity. Tired of being holed up in a safe house, Ackland decides to go back on duty, as this may also draw the killer out of hiding. There is a close shave when she is separated from Sgt. Cryer on street patrol and a man pulls an imitation gun on her, although she is rescued by a covert SO1 officer. Meanwhile, Mrs Cooper, a witness to the arson on Ackland's flat, comes to the station to make a statement.

The identity of the man trying to kill W.P.C. Ackland may be revealed when a former army officer is overheard boasting that he was paid to "kill a copper". C.I.D. link him to a young man who committed suicide in prison after Ackland arrested him for dealing drugs on the Jasmine Allen estate. W.D.S. Morgan realises that their witness, Mrs Cooper, is behind the plan as she turns out to be the mother of the dead boy. Mrs Cooper is arrested for conspiracy to murder, and she reveals that the assassin is lying in wait for Ackland at the safe house. As Ackland and an SO1 team head off to the safe house to draw the killer out, they are ambushed by a man on a motorbike just outside the station, and Morgan is killed in a hail of gunfire as she rushes to warn them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • TARGET is a Special Feature-length version of 3 1995 episodes of The Bill
  • TARGET was originally broadcast as individual episodes: Fire, All Tucked Up and Bait.

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