Suzi Croft   Service Record    
Suzi Croft
W.D.C. Suzi Croft

W.D.C. Suzi Croft

IC: Gender
1Female   Female
Occupation: Police Officer
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Woman Detective Constable
Status: Transferred
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: High Barnet
Curr. Rank: Detective Constable
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Kerry Peers
 ● First Appearance: Fagins
 ● Last Appearance: The Parent Trap
List of Appearances

Suzi Croft is a character from The Bill.

WDC Suzi Croft was the first trainee investigator Sun Hill had. But don't expect her to be grateful. She soon found out that the training was mainly doing all the rotten jobs that the other CID officers could avoid when she was around. These ranged from fetching the tea to checking the files. She was rarely allowed to be present at 'the kill' and naturally could not share in the glory when a search or a raid was successful. Thank goodness then for the courses she was sent on and on which she shone. She never hid her forthright views and her disapproval of sexist remarks and attitudes - and Burnside and Woods, among her male colleagues, soon learned how to wind her up. But she soon worked out what was happening, understood the politics of the station, persevered and proved she had a terrier-like toughness. What's more, unlike many of her colleagues, she could whiz through the paperwork writing reports with case and style. Welsh-born, Suzi, in her mid-twenties, had done well at school and had travelled. She had also had a couple of jobs before joining the police. She was a WPC for two years before applying for a move to CID. She was sent to Crime first, but then worked on Bumblebee under the supervision of DS Greig, whom she liked and - more importantly - trusted. You couldn't say that for Skase. He was a chauvinist pig in her eyes. They clashed on many occasions. If he couldn't attack her for her views, he could tease her for her bright fashionable clothes. She didn't see why a detective should dress in that other dullest of uniforms: so-called good taste. Wanting a change in career direction and ready for new challenges, Suzi accepted a transfer to High Barnet.

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