The Superintendent of a police station is the officer in overall command of the entire station. Usually they will have a degree of background in both uniform and CID, but it is common that the promotion is from DCI as opposed Chief Inspector. The rank of Superintendent is superior to Chief Inspector / Detective Chief Inspector but inferior to Chief Superintendent.

The Superintendent must undertake several very important and significant responsibilities, which include

  • The station's administrative duties.
  • The station's financial wellbeing.
  • Preserving the station's positive repertoire in the eye of the public.
  • The stations officers and staff.

Also, if a major crime wave (such as a serial murderer/arsonist, etc.) hits an area under the jurisdiction of a Superintendent, he/she must plan a police response to the crime(s) and then carry out this response with the best interest being the public’s wellbeing, as well as be the Senior Investigating Officer, unless they are personally involved.

Sun Hill Police Station’s Superintendent when the show was axed was former DCI Jack Meadows. A SOKO Leipzig/The Bill special in 2012 revealed Meadows had retired some point between 2010 and 2012.

Superintendents have included: 

Detective Superintendents have included:

  • Detective Superintendent Meadows (A fresh start) Major Incident Pol

Acting Superintendents are drafted in during unexpected situations such as an immediate departure of the current Superintendent. It was usually DCI.

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