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Sun Hill Police Station has seen Major Development since it Opened it's Doors in 1983. I Have created some BluePrints showing The Internal Layout of the Station, any Doors and Windows.

  • NOTE: These are a rough Approximation of the Layout and may not be 100% Valid. All blueprints are based on General Knowledge and Video Footage. If you notice any Errors, please let me know.

2009-2010 Edit

In Late 2009, Sun Hill saw futher Internal Redevelopment:
  • The IBO Suite & Writing Room where given New Windows/Doors. The Doors for the IBO Suite where moved inside the Writing Room.
  • The Old Briefing Room and Female Changing Rooms opposite where converted into a Laboratory for new CSE Eddie Olosunje.
BluePrint Downstairs

Ground Floor Plan 2009

BluePrint Upstairs

First Floor Plan 2009


2007-2009 Edit

In 2007, The Exterior of the Building went under Major Redevelopment, not only to Give Sun Hill a Modern Policing Look, but also the Separate the Sun Hill and St. Hugh's Entrances. The new wall that now comes down the Forecourt is a show wall to Separate the Two Sites and there are No Rooms behind the Windows that are visible. Some Changes Include:

  • All Doors are given the New Metropolitan Police Door Signs.
  • The CAD Suite is Converted into an Integrated Borough Operations Suite (IBO), which is the CCTV and Control Room for the Borough of Canley. It Contains all the Hi-Tech Computer Equipment required for Canley Cops to Fight Crime.
  • New Doors are added to Cells in Custody.
  • The Drug's Refferal Office is Converted into an Office for the CPS Lawyer.

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2006-2007 Edit

In February 2006, the first floor of the building went through something of a minor re-vamp:

  • All dark wooden doors are replaced with a lighter variety.
  • C.I.D shifts across the hallway, and now encompasses the old open-plan area, Supt. Office & part of C.S.U.
  •  A CID Briefing Room is also created, using part of the space previously occupied by the C.S.U.
  • A section of the old D.C.I's office becomes the D.I's new office.
  • The Supt. & D.C.I's office(s) are moved into part of the space that the old C.I.D office used to cover; with a small corridor spanning the entrance to the balcony.
  • The B.I.U is moved from its old location at the top of the stairs, and into to the old DI's Office.
  • The old C.I.D. storeroom/T.I.U becomes a computer room. 

​Other changes later in the year include:

  • The D.I's office is extended, and now covers exterior windows, rather than two. A new, large interior window is also added, overlooking the main staircase.
  • The sergeants' office is extended to cover the locker room, and given a make-over.
  • The Inspectors office is also given a makeover. 
  • Most dark wooden doors being replaced with lighter ones.
  • The soft interview room is redecorated
  • A new Uniform Briefing Room is created behind the kitchen, in the old location of the Gym.
  • New Changing Rooms are created with the remainder of Space in the Old Gym Area. The male changing rooms are transformed into a storeroom, whilst the female are unused on-screen.
  • Old Briefing Room becomes the Station CCTV Room.

(Note: production-wise, some of the changes (such as the new colour scheme for the Supt. Office), can be glimpsed in Episode 384; story-wise, the changes to C.I.D first be seen in #386, whilst the new Supt./D.C.I offices can be seen in #387.)

Top 2006

Sun Hill Top Floor, 2006-2009.


2005-2006 Edit

In May 2005, The Interior of the Building was given a Major Facelift following the Tragic Events of the Fire.

The reopening was dedicated to the lives of the officers killed; DC Ken Drummond, SRO Marilyn Chambers and PC Andrea Dunbar. It was also dedicated to the lives of Denise, Leia and Malcolm Okaro, the wife and children of current Superintendent Adam Okaro, who were killed in a car accident the day before the reopening.

Some Changes Include:

  • The Front Office is given a Major Refit; New Doors & Windows, New Layout and Decor.
  • The Front Interview is extended and Given a Similar Decor to the Front Office.
  • A large Window is added to CID, overlooking the staircase leading down into the Main Entrance.
Top 2005

Sun Hill Top Floor 2005-2006.

2002-2005 Edit

Following on from the tragic Firebombing in 2002, which also claimed the lives of a dozen officers, the interior of the building was given a major revamp.

The reopening was dedicated to the lives of the deceased officers; Inspector Andrew Monroe, DCs Paul Riley & Kate Spears and PCs Ben Hayward, Di Worrell and Sam Harker. It was also dedicated to the life of Chief Inspector Derek Conway, who was killed in the line of duty a few weeks before. The suspect for his murder was also jailed for the firebombing, after a framing by the actual arsonist PC Des Taviner. A memorial plaque was added just over a year and a half later.

  • In late 2002, just before Tom Chander leaves in a body bag, we see some on -creen changes in the custody area which are not shown on the diagram. The Custody office is converted into the duty solicitors office, with the custody office moving into a space behind the desk itself.

Furthermore, the stairs next to the fingerprint room disappeared (no idea where they led to on-screen in the first place)

  • The Male & Female locker rooms were moved from the custody area, with the rooms converted into Interview rooms.
  • A new Property Store and Writing Room replaces the old Recreation Area.
  • The interior door(s) leading into the Custody Area are moved to the other end of the corridor.
  • CID is extended, and now covers the old position of the DCI's Office, and the Corridor between the two.
  • A new Borough Intellgence Unit (B.I.U.) is introduced at the top of the stairs.
  • The Corridor between the Stairwell and landing area is reduced, having been replaced in-part by B.I.U (see above); in accordance with this, the Doors between the two areas are moved, and are now situaied directly at the top of the stairwell.
  • The DCI's Office is moved to the old position of the Ch. Insp's Office, and extended slightly into the old Ch/Supt Office.
  • The Supt. Office is extended also, in addition to replacing the old Conference Room.
  • A new Community Support Unit is introduced at the bottom end of the floor; replacing (in-part) the Conference Room, and the Crime Support Unit, and covers almost half of the landing area!
  • 'Divisional TBC' and 'TBC' refers to the 'Area' or 'The Borough Commanders' office.
Sunhill groundfloor 02 05

Sun Hill, Ground Floor, 2002-2005.

Sunhill top-2002-2005

Sun Hill, Top Floor, 2002-2005.


1993-2002 Edit

In January '93, as part of an operation, the C.I.D General Office is given a slight extention and now covers the room adjacent to the DCI's Office. These changes are first seen on-screen in Supply and Demand, when the decorators are finishing the final touches to the new area.

Top 1993

Sun Hill Top Floor, 1993-2002.

1990-1993 Edit

Following the on-going re-vamp of the Station (plus the move to a new, third, Filming Location), a new layout was revealed in in the May 1990 episode A Fresh Start
Top 1990

Sun Hill, Top Floor Layout - 1990-1993.


1987-1990 Edit

Barlby Road (Back of - View of Station Car Park)
Barlby Road 2011
Barlby Road
Aerial View of Sun Hill MK2" (The Building at the back). Now converted into Flats Image of the front of Sun Hill MK2 at Barlby Road (Taken from Street View) Scanned Image from 1991 publication 'The Bill' showing layout of lower floor of Sun Hill MK2

More Information & Images Coming Soon

1983-1986 Edit


Throughout the series, there have been three filming locations for Sun Hill police station. From the first series, the police station consisted of a set of buildings, opposite the Chimney Stack in Pennington Street, Artichoke Hill, Wapping, East London. However, these buildings were next to the News International plant and during the winter of 1985–86 there was much industrial action which resulted in some altercations between the strikers and what they thought were the real police, but were actually actors working on The Bill. Working conditions got so dire, that the production team realised they needed to find another base to set Sun Hill police station.


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