Detective Superintendent Steve Hodges was a character in The Bill. He was a DSI with CIB. In 1999 he sent an officer, DS Claire Stanton into Sun Hill CID to weed out corruption, particularlly with bent DS Don Beech. He had her updated him on developments however it took a few months for the operation to take effect.

In late 2000 Stanton finally had info to bring down the corrupt DS, due to his affiliation with a criminal, Howard Fallon, played by Barnaby Kay. However when Stanton's lover and Beech's best friend John Boulton found out, Beech tried to pay him off, but a fight broke out when Boulton tried to walk off, and Beech beat him to death, so CIB arrest him. He played with Hodges and offered him Fallon and his sidekick Ray Bazzini, as well as two corrupt Drug Squad officers, Tasker and Garrard, in Fallon's pocket. He first attended Boulton's funeral, and already aggitated Stanton nearly lost it with Beech when he "got emotional" next to his friend's grave. During the sting Beech managed to escape by shooting off a tag on a briefcase of cash and swimming away from the warehouse where the deal took place. Hodges demands Beech is found, who escapes to Australia. Stanton is pulled out, and Deakin, Holmes and Daly are transferred from Sun Hill, and in light of the scandal, Brownlow resigns. DCs Mickey Webb, Duncan Lennox & Danny Glaze and DCI Meadows survived and a new Superintendent, a DI, two DSs and two DCs join Sun Hill.

Hodges was portayed by Peter Lee-Wilson.

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