Stafford Row is a neighbouring police station to Sun Hill, and is featured in (or referred to) in several episodes of The Bill. However, it does not have the same level of rivalry with Sun Hill as its other neighbouring station, Barton Street.

Many characters are mentioned as having served at Stafford Row prior to joining Sun Hill.

People who have worked at the station[edit | edit source]

Stafford Row's call sign is SC (Sierra Charlie).

Information about the station[edit | edit source]


Episodes featuring Stafford Row[edit | edit source]

Notable appearances of Stafford Row station are in the episodes A Clean Division (when DC Jim Carver is arrested for drink-driving), World To Rights (when WPC Cathy Marshall is seconded to the Domestic Violence Unit), Give and Take (when its then-DS Sally Johnson is seen planting drugs on a suspect), and Episode:A Good Night Out (when WPCs June Ackland and Polly Page end up there off-duty when their handbags are stolen).

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