St. Hugh's is the local hospital in Canley, where Sun Hill is based. The hospital features widely in the storylines in The Bill.


The Bill LocationEdit

St. Hugh's hospital is situated on Canley High Road.

Actual LocationEdit

The A&E entrance to St. Hugh's is situated at 63 Windsor Ave, Merton and is attached to the Sun Hill Police Station set. However, it is never seen from the police station because of the fake building covering it.


Common Rooms include:

  • Accident and Emergency
  • Recovery
  • Intensive Care
  • Critical Recovery
  • Surgery
  • North Wing reception

Less seenEdit

Rooms that are not seen as much include:

  • The Consultant's room (Live by the Sword)
  • The heart attack ward (Rough Justice)
  • The Cleaner's Room (Trail of Blood)

Entrances and ExitsEdit

It has been stated that there are 4 different exits.

Common entrances and exits are:

  • The A&E Entrance - 63 Windsor Ave
  • North Wing Entrance - Merton College, Morden

Other entrances and exits that rarely appear but are all mentioned in The Bill:

  • West Wing Entrance - Near X-Ray department, St. Hugh's - Location unknown
  • East Wing Entrance - Merton College, London Road (near Hatfield Mead), Modern
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