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  • 01:35, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+428)‎ . . N Episode:All Along The Watchtower(New page: '''All Along the Watchtower''' is the 725th episode of ''The Bill'' P.C. Stamp is called to deal with a 14-year-old car thief who has badly injured a young girl. Ch. Insp. Conway and ...)
  • 01:30, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+843)‎ . . N Episode:Judge and Jury(New page: '''Judge and Jury''' is the 664th episode of ''The Bill'' P.C. Quinnan brings in a shoplifter. A woman talks to D.C. Carver and W.P.C. Croft about being mugged. Carver thinks he knows...)
  • 01:27, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+624)‎ . . N Episode:Just Say No(New page: '''Just Say No''' is the 666th episode of ''The Bill'' Conway is at a meeting when he sees a girl kicking a car and then tells Conway about the murder of a crack dealer. The girl is s...)
  • 01:22, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+282)‎ . . N Episode:Wide of The Mark(New page: '''Wide of The Mark''' is the 366th episode of ''The Bill'' A professional hired killer is active in Sun Hill. A dubious informant provides a tip-off that divides D.I. Burnside and D....)
  • 01:17, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+1,140)‎ . . N Episode:Cause For Concern(New page: '''Cause For Concern''' is the 655th episode of ''The Bill'' P.C.s Loxton and Quinnan are talking when a speeding driver goes past. The driver advises that she is on her way to hospit...)
  • 01:12, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+379)‎ . . N Episode:Shrinkage(New page: '''Shrinkage''' is the 626th episode of ''The Bill'' Sgt. Cryer convinces Ch. Supt. Brownlow of the virtues of an arrest referral scheme offering counselling to those arrested on drug...)
  • 01:08, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+290)‎ . . N Episode:Death of A Ladies' Man(New page: '''Death of a Ladies' Man''' is the 650th episode of ''The Bill'' A woman reports her husband missing. D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft establish that the man is a bigamist and an armed ro...)
  • 01:00, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+338)‎ . . N Episode:Old Codgers(New page: '''Old Codgers''' is the 1092nd episode of ''The Bill'' P.C. Quinnan and D.S. Greig reluctantly agree to follow up on information received from a former Sun Hill sergeant who claims t...)
  • 00:55, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+323)‎ . . N Episode:Boiling Point(New page: '''Boiling Point''' is the 1101st episode of ''The Bill'' P.C. Loxton is investigated by the Complaints Investigation Bureau over an accusation that he assaulted a suspected burglar, ...)
  • 00:52, June 29, 2008 (diff | hist) . . (+272)‎ . . N Episode:Mirror Image(New page: '''Mirror Image''' is the 1102nd episode of ''The Bill'' D.S. Boulton arrests a young black woman for drug dealing, but W.D.C. Rawton suspects that she may be a victim of mistaken ide...)

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