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Sheelagh Murphy
Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy

Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy

Birth Name: Sheelagh
Full Name: Sheelagh Murphy
Nickname(s): Shee
IC: Gender
1Female   Female
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Croydon Police Station
Occ. Status
Transferred into the Child Protection Team in Croydon
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Bernie Nolan
 ● First Appearance: 2003x014 - Episode 089
 ● Last Appearance: 2005x090 - Episode 363
List of Appearances

Sheelagh arrived at Sun Hill as a sergeant. Her time in Sun Hill was eventful, involving an affair with PC Des Taviner, which ended after his confession of murder, and the cot death of their baby, Niamh.

Other problems that occured during her tenure at the station included her son, Connor, announcing his sexuality, which offended her religious beliefs and clashes with colleagues over potential racism.

After being accused of racism and religious insensitivity following a high-profile court case in Episode 222 (17 June 2004) and following a number of other controversies, she chose to be demoted to the rank of Police Constable rather than become a Desk Sergeant at Hendon.

She left Sun Hill for a job in the Child Protection Team in Croydon after a dangerous affair with Gabriel Kent, another officer hiding a secret. Though they intended to marry, their relationship came to an unfortunate end when he snapped and tied her to a bed and later threw himself off a building. After this Sheelagh felt she could no longer work at Sun Hill and planned to quit the service. Gina Gold found her a place at the CPT.

Her call sign as a PC was 661 and as a Sergeant was 66.

She was portrayed by the late Bernie Nolan.

Service Record

Main article: Service Record
  • 2003 - Transferred to Sun Hill
  • 2004 - Demotion to Police Constable
  • 2005 - Relationship with Gabriel Kent
  • 2005 - Transferred to Child Protection Team in Croydon



  • Daughter: Siobahn Murphy (daughter, with Patrick Murphy)
  • Son: Connor Murphy (son, with Patrick Murphy)
  • Son: Declan Murphy (son, with Patrick Murphy)
  • Daughter: Niamh Murphy/Taviner (daughter, with Des Taviner, deceased)

Service Record

Preceded by:
Craig Gilmore
Sun Hill Sergeant
2003 - 2004
Succeeded by:
Nikki Wright

Preceded by:
PC Jim Carver
Sun Hill Police Constable
2004 - 2005
Succeeded by:

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