When Sergeants are not out on patrol, they organise the shifts and oversee the work of Constables. At the start of every shift, Sergeants brief the Constables in the muster room, bringing them up to date with what is happening that day.

A Sergeant is higher ranked than a P.C., but ranks below an Inspector.

In the early series of The Bill each Sergeant specialised in a certain area either Duty, C.A.D or Custody. During the first couple of series' Bob Cryer specialised as the Duty Sergeant, Alec Peters as the C.A.D Sergeant and Tom Penny as the Custody Sergeant.

Then the three Sergeants rotated these three duties between them, the Duty Sergeant was in charge of briefing the officers and assigning vehicles - they were Second in Charge after the Duty Inspector. When there were only two sergeants in 2010 the two sergeant duties were Duty and Custody.

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