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PC Ruby Buxton

Ruby Buxton
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Female   Female

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police

  • PC
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Nicola Alexis

First Appearance:

2002x073 - Episode 062

Last Appearance:

2003x068 - Episode 143

List of Appearances

PC Ruby Buxton is a character in The Bill.

22-year old Ruby Buxton was born and bred in Canley. Always popular and bright at school, she left at the age of 18 choosing to go out into the world and earn some money, rather than go on to further education. Her first job was at the local store, but she soon found it mundane and unchallenging. She was then attracted to the police by the Met's recruitment drive package - £26,000 after paid training and free travel too. It never even occurred to her that she might be cop material, but she still applied. Ruby went into the force with a blasé attitude; she'd only been out of Hendon for 9 months when she arrived at Sun Hill. She was genuinely pleased to have got into the force though and couldn't believe her luck in gaining entry.

Easygoing, vivacious and bubbly, Ruby eased into Sun Hill life from the start. She loved being a copper and got on well with the likes of Tony and Reg. She wasn't so bothered about the other girls. Ruby was down to earth; she kept her feet on the ground and was a great judge of character. Her ex-schoolmates laughed at her decision to join up (she came into contact with some of them on the beat) - but she laughed with them, and any jibes were like water off a duck's back. Ruby was uncomplicated, without baggage and not susceptible to moral dilemmas. She took everything in her stride and was ready to embrace her job to the full.

Unfortunately, following the perjury fiasco with PC Gabriel Kent, Ruby could no longer live with being a dishonest copper and opted to resign.

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