P.C. Roz Clarke
P.C. Roz Clarke

Roz Clarke
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Police Constable

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Holly Davidson

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2000x058 -
First Impressions, Part One

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2001x082 -
Slash and Burn

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Roz, 22, was from a deprived background - quite unlike fellow probationer Ben Hayward’s. Her father left her mother when she was six. Mrs. Clarke never remarried, but worked hard, and did her best to bring up Roz herself. Roz's exam years coincided with a wild time for her, so though bright, she only scraped the minimum educational requirements. At first she was blasé about this, masking any inadequacy with a couldn't care less attitude, taking numerous mundane jobs, and getting what fun she could out of her various relationships. The Met's new recruitment policy then caught her eye - and seemed to offer an easy way to live and work in London.

At Hendon Roz worked hard to try and correct her educational shortcomings. She showed outstanding commitment, but was initially Section 15'd for her poor performance in exams. Her faltering literacy was always a source of anxiety: her worst nightmare was standing up in court and having her testimony exposed by some snot-nosed defence lawyer. Roz often found herself having to run the gamut of male attitudes to establish herself as the effective and instinctive officer she ultimately could have been.

Unfortunately Roz struggled to make ends meet financially. Unable to secure enough overtime to pay her debts, she moonlighted in telesales, as a result of which her police work suffered. When she failed her exams, she considered leaving the force but got a second chance to prove her worth in CID. However, Roz soon realised that she was not cut out to be a policewoman. Traumatised from being attacked by a rapist when posing as a prostitute, and angered by the possibility that her attacker could press charges against her for using unnecessary force, Roz decided to leave the job.

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Main article: Service Record
  • 2001 - Attachment: C.I.D.

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Preceded by:
Sun Hill PC
Succeeded by:
PC Cathy Bradford

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