DI, later DCI, Rowanne Morell was a member of the Murder Investigation Team during 2004 and 2005. She is first assigned to Sun Hill CID to investigate the Sun Hill Sniper murders which saw the death of a local youth, a peadophile and a man arrested for serious assault. The sniper's gun was used by PC Gabriel Kent to murder PC Kerry Young and the sniper then tried to kill a weapons fanatic without orders from Kent. As Morell's team closed in on the sniper, Kent got there first and threw him off his balcony to his death. Morell's team investigated this and determined it was deliberate, either to cover his tracks (the real reason that Morell and Sergeant Dale Smith figured) or to avenge his apparent girlfriend Kerry, who was only pregnant with his child due to a rape. Morell's next investigation at Sun Hill was the station fire in 2005 which killed DC Ken Drummond, SRO Marilyn Chambers & undercover journalist cop PC Andrea Dunbar. The investigation was run by her but over-ruled by a determined Sun Hill investigation led by DCI Jack Meadows and DC Jo Masters. The culprit was revealed to be disgruntled ex-PCSO Colin Fairfax. Following the fire DI Neil Manson, who was upset by the death of his girlfriend Dunbar, took leave and Morell was DI at Sun Hill for a few weeks. She was promoted to DCI at MIT to replace DCI Andrew Ross, when Manson returned to Sun Hill. Her first case took her back to Sun Hill to investigate the Karen Burnett murder, when it appeared husband Scott Burnett (now married to PC Honey Harman) was responsible. Burnett and Harman attempted escape to France where Harman's better judgement got a hold over her and tried to bring her husband to justice, but he attempted to be washed away by the sea at the Dover Cliffs. He was brought back to a London prison where Honey visited him, and he then hung himself in his cell. Morell returned to Sun Hill when two nurses were killed, and she tried to crack the investigation with Acting DI Ramani De Costa, who was kidnapped by the suspect. After several months of absence, Morell returned when a homophobic serial killer was in Sun Hill, and his final victim was PC Lance Powell. Morell was not seen at Sun Hill after the case.

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