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PC Ron Smollett was one of Sun Hill's finest officers. Honest, hard working, a team player, and best of all, a results man. Striving to end every case with criminal proceedings, Ron sometimes punched too far above his weight – and often angered members of CID when pushing them to get a result on a case. Never downhearted, Ron pushed on with every case that came onto his desk. He decided to leave Sun Hill in March 1993. Also, let off a parking violator in return for having his drive gravelled.

In 2018, actor Nick Stringer recorded a two-part interview for The Bill Podcast

Biographical information
Full Name:

Ronald Smollett

Occupational information

Other information

Portrayed by:

Nick Stringer

First Appearance:

1990x050 Scores

Last Appearance:

1993x041 High Hopes and Low Life

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Service Record[]

1991 - Survived arson attack on police community office.

Family and Relationships[]

Ron was married, though his wife never wanted children.

Major Storylines[]

Preceded by:
PC Richard Turnham
Sun Hill PC
Succeeded by: