Sgt. Ray Steele
Sgt. Ray Steele

Ray Steele
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Raymond Steele




Male   Male

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police



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Portrayed by:

Robert Perkins

First Appearance:

1993x085 - Kith and Kin

Last Appearance:

1996x044 -
Dangerous Game

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Ray Steele transferred to Sun Hill from Barton Street, that notorious neighbouring nick, in 1993. He already knew most of the officers at Sun Hill, and they knew him, although they weren't sure if he was in Chief Inspector Cato's pocket. He soon proved that he wasn't. In fact he had more run-ins with that tough nut than anyone else. On one occasion he quoted Cato in the minutes of a meeting to say that officers who complain of being assaulted on the streets were wimps. Cato was incensed and told Steele: 'You're dead.'

Old for his years, Steel was an unsmiling man - grumpy even. He looked after his troops, sometimes at the expense of the higher ranks. He was the Federation rep for the sergeants, and he took his responsibilities seriously. Straight-laced and hard-working, he was prone to the occasional display of human sympathy. Like most of the coppers he talked only rarely of his life at home. But Steele had a partner. She was pregnant but miscarried, and he took it hard. Perhaps that was the cause of his grumpiness.

Steele had a snarling presence that caused some of his colleagues to question how far he would go if riled. These doubts multiplied when an old lag died in the cells at Sun Hill and the finger of suspicion was pointed at Steele. He was exonerated after it transpired that the victim had died from a heart attack but the episode had made him realise who his friends were - and they were so few as to be considered an endangered species.

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