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| [[Specialist Operations (SO)|Specialist Operations]]
| [[Specialist Operations (SO)|Specialist Operations]]
! style="text-align: left" | SOCA
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| [[Serious and Organised Crime Agency]]
! style="text-align: left" | SOCO
! style="text-align: left" | SOCO

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Common abbreviations and jargon used in the programme.

Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Abbreviations/Acronym Meaning


A Body = An Arrest ("I've nicked a body")
ABH = Actual Body Harm
ALCO = Anything to do with the breath test procedure
AMIP = Area Major Incident Pool
APPO = Area Press and Publicity Officer
ARB = Accident Report Book
ARV = Armed Response Vehicle
ASP = Extendable Metal Baton


The Big House = Crown Court
Black Rat = Traffic Patrol Officer
Blagger = Robber
Bleeder = Female officer
BLO = Borough Liaison Officer
Brains Dept. = C.I.D. (as referred to by Uniform)
BTP = British Transport Police
Button Mob = Uniform Officers (as referred to by C.I.D.)


CAD = Computer Aided Dispatch (Room)
CCTV = Closed Circuit Television
CIB = Complaints Investigation Bureau
CID = Criminal Investigation Department
CIS = Crime Infomation System (replaced crime sheets)
CIVVIES = Police Officers in Civilian Cloths
CO = Central Operations
CORRES = Correspondence / Paperwork
CPS = Crown Prosecution Service
CPT = Child Protection Team
CRIS = Crime Reporting Information System (replaced crime sheets)
CS Spray = An Immobilizing Spray
CSE = Crime Scene Examiner
CSG = Crime Support Group
CSU = Community Safety Unit


Dancers = To Run Away i.e. 'He was on his dancers'
DC = Detective Constable
DCI = Detective Chief Inspector
DI = Detective Inspector
Dippers = Pickpockets
DPS = Directorate of Professional Standards
Drum = House
DS = Detective Sergeant
DSE = Divisional Scene Examiner
DVU = Domestic Violence Unit


ESSO = Every Saturday and Sunday Off


Factory = Police Station
FATACC / Fat'Ac = Fatal Accident
Fence = Person to whom stolen goods are Sold
FLO = Family Liaison Officer
FME = Forensic Medical Examiner


GBH = Grevious Bodily Harm
Going Up The Road = Refers to Crown Court
GP = General Purpose (used for unmarked vehicle)


Handling = Handling Stolen Goods
Have It On Your Toes = Run Away
HORTI = A request to produce driving documents derived from HORTI (aka Producer)


IBO = Integrated Borough Operations
IC = Identification Codes:
Visual Classification Self-Classification
Police National Computer Census
Four-Point System
Nine Point System
IC1 White European White skinned european appearance White White
IC2 Dark European Dark skinned european appearance
IC3 Afro–Caribbean African/Caribbean appearance Black Black Caribbean
Black African
Black Other
IC4 Asian Asian appearance Asian Indian
IC5 Oriental Chinese/Japanese appearance Other Chinese
IC6 Arab Arabian/Egyptian appearance Other

ID = Identification
Index = Vehicle Registration Number
India 91 = Traffic Helicopter
India 99 = Police Helicopter
Insp. = Inspector
IR = Information Room (also see MP)
IRB = Incident Report Book (also used for arrests)
IRV = Incident Response Vehicle






LIO = Local Intelligence Officer


M2MP = Full Call Sign for Main Set Channel for Information Room
MisPer = Missing Person
MIT = Murder Investigation Team
MP = Metropolitan Police information room (Scotland Yard)
MSS = Message Switching System


NCPA = No Cause for Police Action
NCS = National Crime Squad (aka British FBI)
NDIU = National Drugs Intelligence Unit
NDP = Notice to Detained Persons
NFA = No Further Action
NIB = National Identification Bureau
The Nick = The Police Station
Non-Descript = Observation Vehicle (or "Nondy")
NSY = New Scotland Yard


OB = Occurrence Book
OBBO = Observation
OP = Observation Point
OPPO = Mate (someone you're paired with for specialist tasks)
OSCAR = Call Sign for Traffic Control on Main Set
OTS = Over The Side (seeing someone for a bit of hanky panky!)


PACE = Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Act of Parliament)
Panda = Non-pursuit Police Car
PARS = Particulars of an occurrence
PC = Police Constable
Phonetic Alphabet
A Alpha N November
B Bravo O Oscar
C Charlie P Papa
D Delta Q Quebec
E Echo R Romeo
F Foxtrot S Sierra
G Golf T Tango
H Hotel U Uniform
I India V Victor
J Juliet W Whiskey
K Kilo X X-ray
L Lima Y Yankee
M Mike Z Zulu
PIMP = Someone living off earnings from prostitution
PIT = Precision Immobilization Technique Maneuver (vehicle debilitation technique)
Plonks = Women Police Officers
PNC = Police National Computer
POLACC = Police Accident
PONCE = Someone living off earnings from prostitution
PRs = Police/Personal Radios
PROCESS = Anything to do with reporting motorists
PT17 =  ? (Marksman)




Refs = Canteen Break(s)
Ringer = A car that is made up of parts from different stolen cars or has its identity changed.
RTA = Road Traffic Accident
RTC = Road Traffic Collision
Run In = Yard where stolen goods/vehicles are housed


S Call = A call to Police that is graded as soon response
Sarge = Sergeant
SC = Special Constable
SCD = Specialist Crime Directorate
Sgt. = Sergeant
Sierra 1 = Sun Hill's (Sierra Oscar) Area Car
Skip = Sergeant
Sierra Oscar (SO) = Call sign for Sun Hill Police Station
SO = Specialist Operations
SOCA = Serious and Organised Crime Agency
SOCO = Scenes Of Crime Officer
SPG = Special Patrol Group (now abolished)
Spin = Search
Superstars = C.I.D. (as referred to by Uniform)


T Call = An urgent call to police that is graded as Immediate Response
TI = Trainee Investigator
TC = Traffic Collision
TOA = Time of Arrival
Trojan Unit = Armed Police
TSG = Tactical Support Group




VRN = Vehicle Registration Number


W = Warrant
WDC = Woman Detective Constable
WDS = Woman Detective Sergeant
Wheels = Motor Vehicle
Woodentops = Uniform Officers (as referred to by C.I.D.)
WPC = Woman Police Constable






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