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Constables work in police stations and in departments like the Dog Branch and the Road Policing Department. Constables spend lots of time patrolling the streets. They protect the public by preventing crime, making arrests and helping at the scene of accidents

Woman Police Constable[]

Woman Police Constable (aka W.P.C.)

A police constable is a non commisioned rank and is is above a P.C.S.O and P.C.S.O Supervisor (one bar) but the lowest rank.

Constables are equivalent to detective constables

They are sun hill's most popular rank

Recent police constables have included

  • PC Sally Armstrong
  • PC Millie Brown
  • PC Mel Ryder
  • PC Kirsty Knight
  • PC Nate Roberts
  • PC Tony Stamp
  • PC Benjamin Gayle
  • PC Leon Taylor
  • PC Arun Ghir
  • PC Roger Valentine

Recent detective constables have included:

  • DC Mickey Webb
  • DC Terry Perkins
  • DC Grace Dasari
  • DC Jacob Banks
  • DC Kezia Walker
  • DC Will Fletcher