Chief Inspector Paul Stritch is a character from The Bill. High-flying 35 year-old Paul Stritch, a fast track university graduate, was abrasive and not afraid of being confrontational with those in the station. He was Philip Cato's short-term replacement at Sun Hill, transferring from Scotland Yard where he lectured senior officers on the issue of public order. A man of discipline, he always stuck rigidly to the rules and kept a tight reign on his officers. He also had a faultless knowledge of police procedure and could sometimes lack tact when telling older, more experienced officers, what to do. Stritch lived in the Section House for a while, and supervised the interviews of officers involved in a brawl there one evening. He also introduced a new exercise whilst at the station to monitor response times. The relief developed a grudging respect for the man when Loxton was relieved of a murder charge due to his swift intervention.

After a 7 month stint, Stritch left Sun Hill when Conway resumed his post of Chief Inspector of Operations.

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