Episode No.   Series
1548 2000x072
Original Airdate
7 November 2000 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
On the Hook, Part Two is the 1548th episode of The Bill.

Under pressure from the new superintendent to solve the Freeley murder case, DCI Meadows questions the prime suspects, two friends of Melody Griffiths who were seen leaving the scene, KJ Leonard and Oz Benson. Traces of Leonard's skin are found on Darren Freeley's knuckles, and although Oz Benson admits they were there and were angry with Freeley, they didn't kill him. Leonard had threatened to kill him because he was seeing Melody Griffiths, but had also told Darren's brother Michael. When PC Rickman finds the murder weapon, the forensic evidence points to Michael as the killer, and when confronted by Meadows, he breaks down and admits that it was him. With the case solved, DCI Meadows attends his misconduct hearing, after some not-too-encouraging words from Supt. Chandler.

  • Simon Rouse as DCI Jack Meadows
  • Steven Hartley as Supt Tom Chandler
  • George Rossi as DC Duncan Lennox
  • Karl Collins as DC Danny Glaze
  • Natalie Roles as DS Debbie McAllister
  • Ged Simmons as DI Alex Cullen
  • Tania Emery as DC Kate Spears
  • Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb
  • Raji James as DS Vik Singh
  • Ben Roberts as Ch Insp Derek Conway
  • Trudie Goodwin as Sgt June Ackland
  • Eric Richard as Sgt Bob Cryer
  • Suzanne Maddock as PC Cass Rickman
  • Matthew Crompton as PC Sam Harker
  • Gary Grant as DC Paul Riley
  • Mark Wingett as PC Jim Carver
  • Samantha Robson as PC Vicky Hagen
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