This page features notable quotes from The Bill episodes, and who said them as well as other information should this be available.

"I’ve got a husband, I know what it’s like when a bloke’s got the flu; somewhere between Ebola and Bubonic plague."
Sergeant Sheelagh Murphy[src]

"Knee deep in villains. Even the Cat's had form."
Detective Sergeant Ted Roach[src]

"Sorry we're late. There was a bit of a mashed potato incident."
PC Emma Keane (On PC Beth Green)

"Oh, and by the way, Gary, I've had to deal with enough knobs today. I'm sure it's very impressive, but keep it in your trousers, eh?"
Insp. Gina Gold (to PC Gary Best)[src]

"Sergeants stick together; maybe you should join the club"
DS Phil Hunter (to A/DI Sam Nixon after he knows she will be demoted to DS)[src]

"This is a disciplined police service and it's about time some officers were reminded of that!"
Supt. Adam Okaro

"When the Met employed Reg Hollis, they deprived a village of its idiot."
Sgt. Matthew Boyden

FDO Robbie Cryer: “I’m even thinking of applying to the police. Next time we meet I might be on the Force!”

Borough Commander Jane Fitzwilliam (mutters): “If only we hadn’t done away with the height restriction.”

Episode 121

PCSO Laura Bryant asking why Gabriel Kent was helping her son, who was being bullied: "Why are you doing this? Don't tell me it's out of the goodness of your heart. You'd have to find it first."

Episode 322

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