PC Nick Shaw, a burly northerner, was not a guy to mess with. He arrived at Sun Hill with a laissez-faire attitude towards his work, but when ‘one of his own’ was in trouble he was always the first to lend a helping hand; the relief found him to be a loyal and reliable friend. Shaw was also a bit of a practical joker, known for his black sense of humour, which he often used to help a shift pass more quickly. He saw women as the fairer sex and would do anything to avoid paperwork - he was a master at appearing 'busy' when his senior officers were about. Although he did have a caring side, Shaw was at his happiest in the pub swapping tales of bravado with his mates.

He was a good, conscientious copper and displayed his frustration at being wrongly accused of pocketing fines by losing his temper with his CIB interrogators. It was not a shrewd career move and he left Sun Hill shortly afterwards.

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