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CPS Matt Hinckley

Matthew Hinckley is first introduced in April 2006 as Emma Keane's long term boyfriend. He is also a solictor which means that he was seen round the police station often.The first time he is seen is when he defends a three-time convicted burglar escape from a possession charge. While Emma and Matt have a brief break up Matt finds out that Will Fletcher kissed Emma during them dating. This results on Matt swinging a punch on Will and missing but Will swings the next punch and as a professional boxer he hits him. Matt then reports Will for assualt but later drops the charge as he trys to get Emma back and wins. After dating Emma for a while he decides that he wants to propose to Emma and then Emma finds the ring in his desk and avoides him for a few days then says yes. The day before their wedding Emma tells Matt that she had a brief affair with Will during their engagement. Matt then gets his friends to beat Will up and the next day Will punches Matt. When questioned both of them drop the charges made against each other.

On the outside it seems like their relationship was normal but on the inside, Matt was abusive and constantly abused Emma mentally and physically. This came to a head when Emma found out that Matt lied when he said his ex-girlfriend was dead, so when Emma attempted to leave, he attacked her and was on top of her, but she managed to hit him in the head with a vodka bottle. He attempted to have her charged with attempted murder, but Will and Matt's ex, Nina, worked together to tape Matt and he was jailed for perverting the course of justice.

Matt Hinkley first appearance in The Bill was Episode 410 and his final appearance was Day of Reckoning.

Matt Hinkley was played by Mark Dexter.

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