Marie Graham was a character in The Bill. She first appeared in Episode 099 when Jim Carver became her Family Liason Officer after the death of her daughter Sonia in Episode 098. After getting close to Jim they got engaged much to the dismay of Sergeant June Ackland, who expected to be engaged to Jim upon returning to work from a holiday. After marriage Marie appeared jealous and began abusing Jim, first revealed in Episode 162, where Jim goes to hospital with a large cut to the face. After a drunken row, PC Gabriel Kent beat Jim over the head with a bottle whilst intervening in a domestic dispute. Marie was arrested and Jim filed for divorce. They went to court and Marie tried to turn the tables on Jim but her son Ben spoke out in court. Marie went to rehab, however by mid 2004 she fell of the wagon. After June was run over by the Area Car in Episode 225, Jim proposed, but Marie showed up to the wedding drunk and abused Jim before she fell down the stairs. PCs Roger Valentine and Lance Powell found Marie's body in Episode 281, and it appears that she died of alcohol poisoning. Marie's death badly affected Jim and after the Sun Hill fire where Jim's best friend DC Ken Drummond died, Jim's marriage fell apart when June had an affair with Roger Valentine, and a broken Jim left Sun Hill for the Greater Manchester Police.

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