Peter Løvstrøm is a Anglo-Danish actor who has been in Spearhead, The Secret Adversary, Haunters of The Deep.The Gentle Touch, Babylon, Lifeforce, Hangar 17, I Bought A Vampire Motorcycl, The Meaning of Life, Party Party, Rehab, Instihhtute Benjamenta, Thin Air, Alibi, Dempsey and Makepeace, Prospects, Widows I and II, The Bill, Bust,The House Of Eliot, The Student Prince, Space Vets, Between the Lines, Lovejoy, Love Hurts, A Mascuine Ending, Don’t Leave Me This Way, The Good Guys, Class of 76, Face, The Detectives, In Defence, and Casualty..and most recently Dragonfly and Schadenfreude

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