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P.C. Lewis Hardy
P.C. Lewis Hardy

Lewis Hardy
Biographical information



Male   Male

Occupational information


Police Officer

Job Title:

Detective Constable


Metropolitan Police

Call Sign:

Sierra Oscar 128

Current Status:

(Operation Trident)

Other information

First Appearance:

2006x003 - Episode 380

Last Appearance:

2007x052 - Death or Glory

List of Appearances

Lewis started at Sun Hill with fellow PC Emma Keane. Unlike Emma's privileged upbringing, Lewis had a close-knit working class background. He spent his most of his teenage life on the streets with a small gang in Hackney. Lewis was arrested numerous times, his final time he was accused of a drug offence that he was innocent of. Lewis was taken under the wing of one of the officers who supported and inspired him to join the Metropolitan Police Service.

Lewis was smart with sharp wit who was encouraged by his teachers to go to University. After realising the amount of debt he would get into, he decided to apply to Hendon with the support of the officer from his local station. Lewis may not have always seen eye to eye with some of the older members of the relief, but his personality always shone through. It was difficult to hold a grudge against him. He left Sun Hill after a harrowing but successful undercover operation infiltrating the Skens gang of which his cousin was a member. Whilst in hospital after being shot he was offered a transfer to Trident which he quickly snapped up saying goodbye to his colleagues.

Service Record[edit | edit source]

2006 - Transferred to Sun Hill from Hendon.

2006 - Held hostage at gunpoint by teenager.

2007 - Confronts wanted suspect Ray Moore; arrested for murder after Moore's suspicious death, but was later cleared.

2007 - Arrested for possession of drugs when found driving a stolen car; suspended by Superintendent John Heaton.

2007 - Undercover with The Skens.

2007 - Near death experience following undercover operation; transfers to Trident.

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Relatives[edit | edit source]

  • Dominic Hardy (Cousin)

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