DCI Kim Reid

Kim Reid
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Female   Female

Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Superintendent

Previous Ranks Held:

Detective Chief Inspector

Call Sign:

Sierra Oscar 5-5 (5-5)

Other information

Portrayed by:

Carolyn Pickles

First Appearance:

1990x102 - Street Smart

Last Appearance:

1992x013 - Somebody Special

List of Appearances

D.C.I. Kim Reid is a character in The Bill and portayed by Carolyn Pickles

First appearance: Street Smart (20/12/90)
Last appearance: Somebody Special (13/02/92)
Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 5-5 (5-5)

DCI Kim Reid was the most powerful woman officer ever to work at Sun Hill, both in rank (with the exception of Acting Superintendent Prosser) and in personality. She moved to the station when DCI Wray was transferred because of his affair with June Ackland. CID were not expecting a woman boss and were none too pleased when she turned up. In fact she arrived in style, with a sandwich in one hand and a prisoner in the other. If Frank Burnside thought a woman boss would be an easy touch, he soon found that it didn't pay to underestimate Reid and she proceeded to win over her new charges with her resilience and humour; the lads soon began to appreciate her sharpness and toughness. Reid knew full well that her performance was being monitored by those in high places and indeed her next promotion was not long in coming. When she left to join MS15 (Internal Investigations) - with an inappropriate silver tankard as a parting gift - it was clear that she was going to become a very high flier indeed.

She later returned to Sun Hill as Detective Superintendent to investigate allegations of sexual assault by George Garfield.

In 2018, actress Carolyn Pickles recorded an interview for The Bill Podcast.

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