Jenny Delaney
Birth Name: Jennifer Mary Delaney
IC: Gender
1Female   Female
Marital Status: Divorced
Occupation: Nurse
Portrayed by:Lesley McGuire
 ● First Appearance: Yesterday's Hero
 ● Last Appearance: Going Under

Jenny Delaney, later Jenny Quinnan, was a character on The Bill from 1999 to 2001. She was played by Lesley McGuire.

An attractive Irish nurse who works at St. Hugh's Hospital, Jenny is first seen looking after Dave Quinnan after his stabbing on the Jasmine Allen Estate. She quickly attracts George Garfield's attention and they begin dating, but she comes to realise that she has feelings for Dave. When George proposes before she leaves on a trip to South America, she can't bring herself to accept.

Upon her return to London, George can't wait to see her, but after sneakily lumbering George with some overtime he doesn't want, Dave gets to see Jenny first. When George spies them embracing outside the nurses' home, an explosive confrontation isn't far away, resulting in George leaving Sun Hill.

Jenny's relationship with Dave progresses rapidly, and just two months later they are married. George turns up unexpectedly at the wedding and reconciles with them. However, over the next year the marriage deteriorates, especially after Jenny suggests to Dave that they leave London and move to Colchester, which Dave is really unhappy about. Ultimately Jenny discovers that Dave has been having an affair with his colleague Polly Page. Distraught, Jenny packs her bags and returns to Ireland, and the marriage ends in divorce.

It is later revealed that Jenny remarried and had two children.

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