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The Jasmine Allen Estate is a council estate in the Canley district. It appears to be a hotbed of gang crime, with a major problem with drugs, petty violence, theft and guns.

Major Storylines[]

  • S07E10 (Fear or Favour) shows the estate a hotbed of crime and hatred against the police by a small black minority, helped by Brownlow's fear of upsetting the black people living there. When Tony Stamp tries to arrest a black drug dealer, he and other police officers are violently attacked, with June Ackland badly hurt, before the police drive off as quick as possible. It is becoming a "no go" area.
  • It was in the Jasmine Allen Estate that P.C. Phil Young took his own life. (S07E88: The Square Peg)
  • In the events surrounding the first Sun Hill fire, the Jasmine Allen was primarily a Asian neighbourhood, and a Neo-Nazi march was planned during this. The plan caused racial tension on throughout the Asian community, but the banning of the march, and a major Neo-Nazi being assaulted by an Asian DS from Sun Hill, caused tension in the Neo-Nazi part of the community.
  • During the Witness storyline, a major investigation was launched and centered around the events on the Jasmine Allen Estate, where a local girl, Carly Samuels, was shot and killed.