Jamila Blake is a character in The Bill.

WPC Jamila Blake, 28, was born of middle class parents - her father was of Bengali origin and a solicitor, her mother was a secretary in the practice where he launched his career. Jamila was a 're-join', returning to the Met after an absence of three years. She was an exceptional WPC with a very promising career, but disappointed her superiors by leaving the Met after four years service to enter a potentially lucrative telephone sales business with her husband.

After a couple of years of unstimulating work, however, she and her husband were drifting apart and Jamila decided to part company with both her husband and the business. She returned to the force and joined the Sun Hill relief in 1996. Because Jamila hadn't been away from police work that long, she didn't undergo a retraining programme, but although fully versed in PACE, she found modern policing had changed somewhat in the short time she had been away. Confident, hard-working and ambitious, Jamila was never afraid to get "stuck in" and enjoyed a "black" sense of humour. She left Sun Hill in early 1999.

Preceded by:
Sun Hill PC
Succeeded by:
PC Di Worrell

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