Hold Me Tight - Part 2
Episode No.   Series
2291 2008x073
Original Airdate
16 October 2008 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Lizzie Mickery
Directed By
Richard Standeven
Episode Chronology:
The team work out that one of Bethany Riley's school friends was involved in her murder. After being asked many questions the boy finally reveals what happened.
  • Amita Dhiri as DC Grace Dasari
  • Andrew Lancel as DI Neil Manson
  • Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb
  • Cat Simmons as DC Kezia Walker
  • Bruce Byron as DC Terry Perkins
  • John Bowler as PC Roger Valentine
  • Daniel Flynn as Supt John Heaton
  • Abhin Galeya as PC Arun Ghir
  • Claire Goose as Insp Rachel Weston
  • Doug Rao as DS Stuart Turner
  • Micah Balfour as PC Benjamin Gayle
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