D.C.I Gordon Wray

Gordon Wray
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Male   Male

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


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Portrayed by:

Clive Wood

First Appearance:

A Case to Answer (05/06/1990)

Last Appearance:

Street Smart (20/12/1990)

List of Appearances

Born in Windsor in 1947, university-educated Gordon Wray joined the force in 1971, serving five years in his home town before joining the Met. Married to a senior social worker, he arrived at Sun Hill with a glowing reputation and a mandate to clamp down on the errant Frank Burnside. He had worked with Sun Hill detectives on two previous occasions; on one enquiry when he was a DI with the Drugs Squad, putting Burnside under scrutiny. The two didn't see eye to eye and Burnside was furious when Wray turned up at the station, promoted above him. However, Wray proved more human and flawed than anyone had imagined, falling for the hitherto hidden charms of June Ackland. When their affair became the main item of station gossip, Wray was hastily transferred and his hopes of future promotion wrecked.

Service RecordEdit

  • D.I. (?-1990) - Drugs Squad
  • D.C.I. (1990) - Sun Hill
  • Transferred (1990) - Traning Instructor 

Family and RelationshipsEdit

had an affair with june ackland ( 1990 )

Major StorylinesEdit

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