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Insp. Gina Gold

Gina Gold
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Metropolitan Police



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Sierra Oscar 1

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Roberta Taylor

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2002x032 - Episode 021

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2008x069 -
An Honour To Serve - Part 2

List of Appearances

Gina Gold is the Inspector at Sun Hill who succeeded Andrew Monroe as Inspector-recently she went on holiday and Smithy took over as Acting Inspector untill she returned.

Service Record

2002 - Insp Gold transfers to Sun Hill

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(TB: "Episode 021")
2008 - Insp Gina Gold resigns

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(TB: "An Honour To Serve - Part 2")

Family and Relationships

Gina is only married to the job, but that is exactly how she likes it. She has had a few flings whilst at Sun Hill though.

She started dating Senior CPS lawyer Jonathan Fox in 2004 when he arrived at Sun Hill. Their relationship lasted for 4 months, but in that short time Gina really fell head over heels for him. He even whisked her away for a break in Africa on a safari. However, when they arrived back Gina found it difficult to tell him how she really felt about him and as the relief started to speculate more and more about their relationship, Gina felt she was starting to lose their respect. Jonathan began to realise that no matter how she felt about him, and him for her, the job was always going to be more important and that she could never make a full commitment to him. He decided that he couldn't stay at Sun Hill and Gina was left heartbroken and crushed when he transferred. In 2005 Gina was diagnosed with cervical cancer and went through the horendous process of chemo and radiotherapy. Half way through the ordeal though Jonathan turned up out of the blue and she felt hope again. However, this hope was not to last and she was left feeling crushed again after he told her he was seeing someone else. After this she decided she couldn't have Jonathan around anymore because it was too painful for her, she told him to leave and that was the last we saw of him.

Gina made a full recovery from her cancer and started enjoying single life again, however in November 2006 she met local buisnessman Peter Harris. Peter made quite an impression on the formitable Inspector, because after a grueling day at the station, with faulty electrics and an attempted murder in custody, Gina agreed to go out with him for dinner. The next morning saw Gina calmly getting ready for work, assuming that once Peter had left it would just be a one night stand. A few hours later Peter turned up at the station and invited himself round to Ginas'. That night as he poured the wine he spilled the beans that he was married, he fully expected to get the glass of wine poured over him, but this suited Gina as it meant she could have fun without the complications of a relationship. However, after few months Gina decided that things were getting too intense for her when he started sending gifts and arriving unannounced to the station. She spent their last night together in a hotel, only to find a few hours later his wife at the station reporting him missing. A full scale search was set after a randsom was sent, but when Gina and Peters' wife Mary found Peter, it turned out to be their next door neighbour and close friend Barry. He forced Peter to tell Mary not only about his affair with Gina but also with his own wife who had died a few months previously. Gina was left feeling ashamed and hurt when Mary turned on her, but her own response was that it was more than she deserved. Peter tried to persuade Gina that he loved her and that they should be together after Mary kicked him out, but Gina wasn't interested; Peter had taken her for a ride makiing her believe he was honourable instead of a seriel falanderer.

Although during his time at Sun Hill Adam Okaro and Gina were never an item, they had been a couple during the 80's. They had been together a number of years and had even lived together. When he first started at Sun Hill in 2002 there was clearly tension between Adam and Gina but it didn't become completely clear why until December 2002. Things between them had been quite serious and they had even discussed having a family together. However, when Gina discovered she didn't have the ability to conceive and therefore couldn't give Adam what he wanted, she left him without giving him a reason. In 2002 she finally gave him the reason why and we could see that there was still a spark between the old flames. They decided to set their disagreament aside and worked well together for the next few years. On several occassions it was made clear that there was still feelings between them, Adam made it obvious that he disapproved of her relationship with Jonathan when he caught them in a passionate embrace. After Adams family died in a car accident in 2005, he went into a slight self destruct mode and was nearly shot when he put himself undercover to catch a drugs dealer. In the hospital Gina explained to him what she could have lost had he been shot, and she told him how much she really cared. This was a friendship that could have turned into something more but was never given the chance after Adam was promoted in 2006.

We don't know much about Ginas' family background except what she lets slip when her guard is down. In December 2002 she bumped into an old school 'friend', a very nasty woman named Marylin Costello. Marylin goaded Gina about being a soft touch when she took pitty on Marylins son, who was adopted by Marylins sister. Gina tried to take a swing at Marylin when she started talking about Ginas' younger brother Richard. Seemingly he liked to play at being the hard man but when it came to it he didn't have the bottle. He was involved in some sort a job with Marylin and her mates when they were younger, they let Richard take the rap for a murder that they commited and when he was found guilty he couldn't handle prison. Gina lost the only real family she had when Richard commited suicide in his cell.

Gina was shown in 098 that she was a secondary area car driver

When she was diagnosed with cancer the first person she told was Smithy. He tried to persuade her to tell her family but Gina explained that her father was dead and her Mother was in a nursing home. She made it clear why her Mother was in a home when Smithy tried to make her see sense. Gina explained that her Mother had been addicted to valium as far back as she could remember and when Smithy asked if it was her Dad that raised her, she hinted that he hadn't really been around. It became clearer later on about her relationship with her parents when she talked to Jonathan Fox about her idea of settling down. She told him her father was a liar,and a criminal but most of all a coward. She went on to explain about one memory that stuck out in her mind. She said that in the early hours of the morning when she was a small child, she came across her mother on the kitchen floor. She had passed out and Gina tried pulling her up. As she struggled on, the front door opened and in walked her Dad, he stood in the hall way and watched what was going on and then he opened the front door and left again.

With her experiences of family life and relationships, it is understandable about how she feels. She has always said she quite likes being single and being dedicated to her job and I think that is how she plans to stay.

She settled in to life at Sun Hill and although she had the reputation for being a dragon (which was really how she liked it), she had gained the reputation as someone you'd want fighting your corner.

Main Storylines

Gina arrived at Sun Hill in June 2002 after the untimely death of Andrew Munro. On her first day she ruffled a few feathers by telling June that she thought CSU was a load of nonsence and a waste of resourses. Before she did any of that though, the first thing she did was to place an ash tray and bottle of whiskey in the desk in her office. She made it very clear to everyone within a matter of hourse that she was not a woman to be messed with.

A couple of weeks after arriving at Sun Hill she nearly got herself into some hot water after a complaint was made against her. When investigating a case with Luke Ashton they went to make an arrest on a suspect. Outside his house he was causing trouble and hurling abuse at the two officers whilst Luke tried to restrain him. The suspect spat in Ginas' face and she retalliated by kneeing him 'where it hurt'. The suspect made an official complaint and Senior officers investigated. Gina wasn't worried but Craig Gilmour was, and had to persuade Luke to back his Inspector up and remind him where his loyalties should lie.

Gina struck up a friendship with Sergeant Craig Gilmour and he turned to her for help and advice. She once commented to him, 'I'm not homaphobic,but my opinion about the Welsh should be kept to myself.' before walking off with a smirk. He turned to her when he wasn't sure what to do about his feelings about Luke. He was convinced that Luke was gay but was getting a mixed reaction from him. She told him to go for it, letting her fun and mischeavous side appear.

After being at Sun Hill for six months some of her past was revealed when she began to help a boy who was being bullied. Tommy told Gina that he was adopted and he wanted her help to find his biological Mum. Soon afterwards Gina realised that she knew the family he was adopted in to. The Mother had been an old school friend of Ginas' and cousin to Tommys' real Mum. When Gina met up with Marilyn Costello it was clear to see that there was no love lost between this pair. The reason for this was because Gina held Marilyn and her old friends responsible for Richards (Ginas' brother) death. He was arrested and convicted for a murder that he didn't commit. Whilst inside he was bullied and beaten and could no longer handle it. He commited suicide in his cell leaving Gina distraught.

In March 2003 Sergeant Dale 'Smithy' Smith arrived back at Sun Hill. Gina immediately saw something in him that she could relate to, but also saw he could be a bit of a loose cannon. They struck up a very close friendship and relied on each other through the years. The first test of their friendship was in July 2003. They went out to the pub after a particulary difficult shift, and Smithy dared Gina to down a pint in one. Never one to pass up a challenge Gina Gina drank not just one pint in a oner but quite a few. Smithy commented that she was entering big boy games but she replied that she could drink anyone under the table. They challenged each other to a drinks contest, 'last man standing' which Smithy knew he would lose. When Gina decided she'd had enough of bitter, she opted for scotch instead and Smithy took his chance to beat her; he ordered her a double and a single for himself. Inevitably they both ended up very drunk and Gina admitted defeat still unaware Smithy had cheated. The next morning she had a prang in her car when another vehicle drove into when she stopped because a van cut her up at a junction. Pc Gary best arrived at the scene and breathalised her as standard procedure, but she was still over the limit from the night before. Gary had no choice but to arrest her for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and brought her in to the station. When Smithy found out Gina had been arrested he realised it was his fault so he and Gary altered the test results after Gina had repeated them. Gary re-took the test making it negative. Gina was furious when she found out but Smithy was adament that he'd done the right thing to protect her.

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