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Gemma Osbourne
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Gender:Female   Female
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Police Officer

Job Title:

Police Constable


Metropolitan Police


Police Constable

Call Sign:

Sierra Oscar 249


Area Car Driver

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Portrayed by:

Danson, Jane

First Appearance:

Episode 054

Last Appearance:

Episode 115

Gemma Osbourne always wanted to be a cop. She served her two years' probation with Greater Manchester Constabulary then transferred to the Met expecting bright lights but getting leafy Surrey. Feeling isolated and home sick, she discovered a flair for driving and a fondness for nicking disorderly motorists. After four years on a response team, she successfully applied to become a 'black rat' and joined Met 315 Traffic Patrol. There, she excelled, flying through motorcycle, advanced driving and vehicle inspection courses. Not only could she drive anything put in front of her, she could strip down a vehicle and put it back together again. She had also passed her Sergeant's Exams and was often 'acting' Sergeant.

Gemma arrived at Sun Hill as part of the Commissioner's initiative to get traffic patrol officers back in the boroughs dealing with street crime. Having spent four years on driving duties, with little supervision and seeing hardly any crime, it was quite a culture shock. But ever the optimistic, Gemma got a kick out of knowing she was far more qualified than fellow area car drivers, Tony and Des. Her zest for life and irreverent sense of humour immediately broke down barriers. Her energy was infectious to some but hugely irritating to others, but at the end of the day, she was a tenaciously loyal friend - cross her though, and she could be a bitter enemy with a razor-sharp tongue!

Gemma was openly gay and a member of the Lesbian And Gay Police Association. She spotted homophobia a mile off, but being amiable, attractive and good at her job, she didn't suffer much direct prejudice. She was, however, fully aware she was regarded as different, and made a conscious decision to celebrate it.

Gemma didn't last long at Sun Hill however. Torn between her conscience and role of police officer, she let a refugee and her daughter go free instead of reporting them to Customs. As a result, she was seriously reprimanded by Inspector Gold, who questioned her suitability for the job. Gemma realized she wanted to stay in the force, and attempted suicide. She was put before the DPS for discipline, but it was unknown if she remained in the force.

Preceded by:
Sun Hill Police Constable
Succeeded by:

Area Car Driver

Preceded by:
Sun Hill Area Car Driver
Succeeded by:
PC Yvonne Hemmingway