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Frontline: Shockwave

Episode: Frontline: Shockwave
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There have been three almighty explosions in Canley: two in Colshaw Street and a further one nearby at Industry House. All three blasts are believed to have been fertilizer bombs. They have left a death toll to date of seven, and rising. Sun Hill officer PC Emma Keane is included in this; she died a hero saving the lives of many others. The counter terrorism unit are leading this investigation. At this point a coordinated and highly motivated group, possibly political, are believed to be behind the attacks. Right now it’s not known why any of the three targets were bombed. A connection between the three businesses is yet to be established. It’s been discovered in the aftermath, that Barton Street police station received an email yesterday warning of today’s bombings. Alarmingly it suggests another bombing is planned.

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Emma Keane Sally Armstrong Stone

Frontline: Aftershock

Episode: Frontline: Aftershock
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Sally and Stone (Sally's Breakdown)

Three bombs have killed and maimed innocent people and the police are no closer to finding who’s behind the attacks. Whoever the bomber is, they’re very intelligent and motivated: they’ve managed to manipulate the situation so the police are chasing a victim rather than the offender. What has been uncovered from the investigation is the motivation behind this violent campaign – the four evils of the internet. Avenging the evils, two business men were targeted and killed for supporting porn online, one man for being racist (he escaped injury) and another man for identity theft who was set-up to appear to be the bomber. The upshot is the bomber is still out there and there’s a fourth target yet to get their comeuppance, a child abuser.

Frontline: Endgame

Episode: Frontline: End Game
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Sally (Emma's hat) Gina

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The bomber led a campaign of terror that rocked London. In his wake, scores of innocent people were either seriously injured or left for dead. The bomber picked off each perpetrator of the four evils, one by one. His method was to blow each one up with a remote controlled incendiary device. Today all this culminated. Peter Waverley, a child abuser, was the last target. The bomb ended up in his wife’s car outside their child’s school. There in the school yard a colossal fire ball engulfed the area when the device exploded. Shortly beforehand CID officer DC Grace Dasari figured out the bomber’s location - her appeals to give it up didn’t work - instead the bomber deliberately detonated the bomb at the school using a mobile phone.

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Uniform gather for Emma's funeral with Gina, Smithy and the Supt though Stone is not present. Later CID and Stone come in as Sally struggles with her reading.

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CID arrive for the funeral

Stone says "It's done - we got him," and Sally turns around and finishes her reading.

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At the burial site, Sally, Will, Ben are around Emma's grave side, Stone comes over and says "Told you I'd be there. Well done, good reading" to Sally and she says "You've done well today too, sarge." ill says, "Heard it was close." Stone replies, "Yeah."

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Stone Sally will Ben

Sally says "I think Emma would have been very proud."

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Stone replies, "She was a good copper. Went the extra compromise. We should follow her lead." Will and Ben move off, and so does Sally. Stone spends a moment looking at Emma's grave, before following.

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Major Events

  • PCs Armstrong, Gayle, Fletcher and Sgt. Stone's gang is found out by PC Keane, who does not agree with the techniques (Frontline: Shockwave)
  • PC Emma Keane was killed (Frontline: Shockwave)
  • DI Karen Lacy makes her debut (Frontline: Aftershock) and departs later (Frontline: Endgame)



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