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Francis Edwards
Taffy Edwards

Taffy Edwards

Full Name: Francis Edwards
Alias: (Storyboard: Woodentop) Taffy Morgan
Nickname(s): Taffy
IC: Gender
1Male   Male
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Police Officer
Metropolitan Police     Sun Hill
Rank: Police Constable
Call Sign: 101
Epaulette No.: SO 101
Status: Transferred: Welsh Police
Affiliation: Welsh Police
Curr. Posting: UNKNOWN
Curr. Rank: Police Constable
Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Colin Blumenau
 ● First Appearance: Storyboard: Woodentop
 ● Last Appearance: I Thought You'd Gone
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Taffy Edwards was a character in The Bill from 1983 until 1990.


PC Francis Edwards - 'Taffy' to his friends - was known as the 'thin streak of Welsh misery'. A quiet country boy who hailed from a farming family near Bangor, he sometimes struggled to adapt to city life. Edwards was extremely lazy, often thinking up ingenious ways to avoid having to do serious work - but he had an infectious charm and was popular amongst the relief. He would also wade in with the team when needed. Edwards is probably best remembered for when he got hopelessly drunk on his stag night and ended up stripped naked and abandoned in the street by his mates from Sun Hill - much to the annoyance of Mary, his Welsh bride-to-be. After brushes with pigs, chickens and assorted oddballs, he asked for a transfer back to Wales. His final day convinced him he had made the right decision: Brownlow didn't seem to know who he was and Conway thought he'd already left. In the end he decided to give his own leaving party a miss and headed home alone. He returned for Ken Melvin's funeral later that year.

Service Record[]

  • 1983 - Police Constable at Sun Hill Police Station
  • 1990 - Transferred back to Wales to the Welsh Police as a Police Constable

Family and Relationships[]

  • Wife: Mary

Major Storylines[]


  • 'Taffy' was one of the characters in the Woodentop pilot episode, played by Colin Blumenau, but was originally referred to as "PC Morgan". Blumenau was one of four cast members (along with Trudie Goodwin, Mark Wingett and Gary Olsen) to continue from the pilot to the series.