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Eva Sharpe
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Gender:Female   Female

30 years old

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Marital Status:


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Police Officer

Job Title:

Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Constable

Current Status:

Transferred To MIT

Other information

First Appearance:

Ep 012

Last Appearance:

episode 197

List of Appearances

DC Eva Sharpe, in her early thirties, was a Londoner through and through. She quickly made her mark at the station by being a feisty and instinctively good detective. Instantly popular amongst all her colleagues, Eva was warm, loud, funny and quick-tempered. She may not have been the brightest academically, but she had a courageous streak and was good at sussing people out. She enjoyed the station gossip, but was never malicious about it - it's just that talking was her thing.

Eva and her husband, an Environmental Health Officer, had two young children. A straightforward working class girl, Eva didn't worry about all that 'having it all' and 'work versus family' nonsense. She just got on with things. She'd always been aware that her colour was an advantage within the force. She knew full well that it got her into CID - and told anyone who cared to listen. One of the main reasons Eva joined the police was because she was savvy enough to realise which way the wind would blow - and she reckoned, rightly, that she could benefit. The flipside was the racism she encountered from both colleagues and public alike. Eva handled this with characteristic directness - she didn't let anybody away with anything.

Whilst Eva was a lively addition to CID, she was popular with uniform too, and knew the valuable contacts they could provide her with. Cut from the same cloth as DCI Meadows, she didn't suffer fools gladly. She liked order, so she liked law - and she was determined to make her mark at Sun Hill.

And make her mark she did - that was until she clashed with new DI Neil Manson. The two never quite saw eye to eye on matters - policing or personal. His attempts to have her transferred were tempered by DCI Meadows who arranged for Eva to join MIT. Which took Manson to surprise as he had arranged for her to become a DC at another Nick in Harringay

Eva is however probably best remembered for her turbulent friendship with DS Debbie McAllister. The two rarely saw eye-to-eye but under both their tough exteriors lay two kindred spirits. When DI Neil Manson wanted to see the back of Eva, Eva blamed Debbie for her stupidity and the two had a vicious fight. They did, however, make up and Eva made Debbie promise not to stop being the "mixed up, self-centred mess" that Debbie was, just so long as Eva never lost her "stuck-up, 'I know better than anyone else' view of the world". The two shared a meaningful hug as Eva departed for pastures new.

Service Record[]

Transferred to MIT [ Major Investigation Team ] ( episode 197 )

Family and Relationships[]

  • Husband: Paul Sharpe

Major Storylines[]

  • Abduction of Joanna Sharpe
  • Murder of Brad Kelso 
  • Feud with DI Manson

Preceded by:
DC Kate Spears
Sun Hill DC
Succeeded by:
DC Suzie Sim