Episode No.   Series
1664 2002x018
Original Airdate
11 April 2002 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Kathrine Smith
Produced By
Tom Cotter
Directed By
Steve Finn
Episode Chronology:
Chandler has cause to regret allowing a march through Sun Hill as racial violence erupts in the area and Taviner comes into money thanks to a win on the horses and confiscating £200 from a drug-dealer, but later discovers some of the notes are counterfeit. Meanwhile, Conway's mother mistakes Ackland and Carver for a couple when they attend her son's wake together.
  • PC Des Taviner - Paul Usher
  • PC Reg Hollis - Jeff Stewart
  • DC Mickey Webb - Chris Simmons
  • DC Kate Spears - Tania Emery
  • Supt Tom Chandler - Steven Hartley
  • Insp Andrew Monroe - Colin Tarrant
  • DCI Jack Meadows - Simon Rouse
  • DC Danny Glaze - Karl Collins
  • Sgt June Ackland - Trudie Goodwin
  • PC Jim Carver - Mark Wingett
  • Sgt Craig Gilmore - Hywel Simons
  • PC Polly Page - Lisa Geoghan
  • PC Tony Stamp - Graham Cole
  • PC Cass Rickman - Suzanne Maddock
  • PC Di Worrell - Jane Wall
  • DS Debbie McAllister - Natalie Roles
  • PC Sam Harker - Matthew Crompton
  • PC Ben Hayward - Ben Peyton
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