Your Shout is the 350th episode of The Bill.

Before the start of the shift, Ch. Supt. Brownlow gives W.P.C. Marshall some good news: she has a promotion board. She's acting CAD Sergeant for the late turn. Changeover is interrupted when C Relief surprise their own CAD Sergeant, who's about to become a father, and who fails to point out a call to a possible child abduction that came in 20 minutes earlier.

P.C. Stamp arrives on the scene to find no-one at home, because the mother has shown up at Sun Hill complaining that the police weren't fast enough. Marshall feels guilty about not noticing the call at shift change, but P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. French put the blame on C Relief, who have continued their celebrations at a local pub, where they are the subject of a complaint. Sgt. Peters talks Insp. Monroe out of making an appearance at the pub, where C Relief are trying to throw kegs over the wall.

Fortunately for Marshall, CID and W.P.C. Datta track down the missing children, who are hiding in an attic with their father nearby. However, she has trouble looking pleased when Brownlow arrives with some more good news: she is to become Acting Sergeant....with C Relief.

Nadia Chambers guest starts as Trish in this episode.

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